Olga Shavrina

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I am a product UX designer. My responsibility and passion are in making things clear and useful for people, to help them solve issues without struggling through interface elements, feel comfortable and confident.
Here I'm sharing my experience (and best practices) in design and interface issues, writing about the projects I've taken part in, the solutions I've found and collaboration challenges I'm facing.
– Olga, why are you blogging about UX design?

– Hmm ... I can name four reasons. The first is the benefit to myself. When you put thoughts into a readable form, you inevitably clarify knowledge in your head. The second - the benefit for young designers. It's nice that you can help someone by sharing your mistakes. The third – world fame, of course :) And the fourth – the ability to share my work and get feedback from the UX-community, to be in good shape. So read, leave comments and questions, I will be glad.
A lot of articles are written in Russian and now I'm translating them into English. You will see more content here soon.
Olga Shavrina
Product UX designer
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