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Lily, the main character of the children's book 'What's the Shark's Job?'
You'll find inside the book: Little Lily is spending her summer with Grandpa while Mom is away working in the city. She misses her Mom greatly and wishes she didn't have to work. To cheer Lily up, Grandpa tells her stories about incredible animals who have special jobs in the forests and oceans, just like her Mom in the human world.

Join Lily as she meets a playful Sea Otter, a majestic Tiger, and a caring Shark. Dive into their adventures and discover the vital roles they play in nature. Share Lily's joy as she reunites with her Mom, and dream big with her when she finds that she can make a difference in the world when she grows up.

This kid's book is for you if:

  • You love nature and animals and care about their protection.
  • You believe in the power of stories to inspire.
  • You're searching for a meaningful gift for a kid aged 4-10.

Meet the book characters:

Ottie, a mischievous, playful furball, lives with his family in a vibrant kelp forest. Their tranquil life takes a dramatic turn when a hungry sea lion invades, sending them fleeing for safety. Forced to abandon their home, Ottie doesn't give up and soon devises a daring plan to reclaim their territory, facing the threat of the lion and what might be more scary – his mother's reaction.
The sea otter Ottie - the hero of the first chapter of the book.
Ottie the Sea Otter
Meet Aru and his sister Rhea – two tiger cubs thriving in a vibrant forest under the eye of their mother. As they grow up, they leave their home and find themselves in the unknown hostile forest. They quickly learn that being a tiger is a hard and demanding job, especially without Mom's guidance. Can they overcome the challenges, secure their place in the wild, and become the majestic tigers they are destined to be?
Aru the Tiger
The tiger Aru - the hero of the second chapter of the book.
A friendly shark, Noa, lives with her best fish friend, Casper, in a big, busy coral reef – an underwater city full of all kinds of sea creatures. Trouble comes when sneaky barracudas cook up a plan to chase Noa away and take over. What awaits Noa and Casper? And what will happen to the reef without its shark? Join them to find out!
Noa the Shark
The shark Noa - the hero of the third chapter of the book.

A quick glance inside the book

Why Sharks?

These majestic creatures have guarded Earth's waters for over 400 million years — long before the age of dinosaurs.

Far from being the villains movies portray, sharks are unjustly persecuted. Their fearsome reputation is largely a construct of sensationalist media and a few overblown incidents.

Consider this ☞ More lives are claimed yearly by falling coconuts, uncorking champagne, and even cow kicks than by sharks, who are responsible for just 5 deaths annually.

Yet, the scales are grossly tipped — humans slaughter 180 sharks every minute, totaling a staggering 100 million each year.

If we pride ourselves on intelligence, it's our responsibility to shift the tide. "What's the Shark's Job?" is more than a kids' book. It's a call to action to raise awareness and advocate for shark conservation.
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About the author

Hi there, I'm Olga Shavrina, and "What's the Shark's Job?" marks my debut in children's literature. Over the years, I have engaged in professional blogging, illustration, and fostered a deep fascination with animals, drawing inspiration from nature. It all came together in this children's book, which stands as both the most challenging and the most rewarding project I've undertaken.

The story within these pages is deeply personal. As a child, I spent summers in the countryside with my grandparents while my parents worked back in the city, visiting only on weekends. I felt abandoned and resented their work. However, looking back, I recognize those days as the happiest of my life. The extraordinary biodiversity that surrounded me, my grandpa's stories, and the knowledge he imparted profoundly shaped my values and worldview.

"What's the Shark's Job?" aims to share that same sense of wonder with the children of today, spotlighting the critical roles animals play in our natural world. The book is an invitation for both kids and adults to connect with the environment and be inspired to protect it.

I'm eager to hear what you think. Please feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn or leave a comment below.
Olga Shavrina - the author of the children's book "What's the Shark's Job?"
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