Olga Shavrina. Product Manager. Human Being.
I'm a Product Manager passionate about ecosystem restoration. Here I share insights, challenges, and discoveries from my experiences working with product teams. I'm eager to support climate-tech startups, especially in the Food, Agriculture, and Biodiversity sectors, on their journey to make a difference.
My Projects Beyond Work
Explore the projects that fuel my passion and contribute to positive change in our world.

Latest essays on product management

Before joining Job Today, I was a product manager at nautal.com, a boat rental marketplace, for about 3 years. The essays below refer to that period of my life.
Before Nautal I worked in convead.com – marketing automation platform. It was extremely fun – lots of data visualization, emails delivery issues, visual interfaces, API integrations and marketing reports.
In addition to my main job I have a startup speekify.com with two friends. It's an online service for practicing spoken languages. We have a desktop and mobile web-version and an iOS app.
– Olga, why are you blogging about product management and UX?

– Hmm ... I can name four reasons. The first is the benefit to myself. When you put thoughts into a readable form, you inevitably clarify knowledge in your head. The second – the benefit for junior managers and designers. It's nice that you can help someone by sharing your mistakes. The third – world fame, of course :) And the fourth – the ability to share my work and get feedback from the community, to be in good shape.
And before that I participated in various projects wearing hats of a UX/UI designer, cofounder, advisor, analyst, creative director, animator, etc.
Olga Shavrina
Product manager. Human being